Parent Organization: Canisius

The Canisius College Rifle Club and Team is a club and a competitive sport team.  The team competes in the Mid-Atlantic Rifle Conference as well as local and regional non-conference matches.  Collegiate rifle shooting is two disciplines, 3-position smallbore which is fired in the prone, standing and kneeling positions using a .22 target rifle and air rifle which is shot in the standing position using .177 target air rifle.  The Canisius College Rifle Club and Team was established at Canisius Colege in 1953 by Father O'Brien, J.S.

The Canisius College Rifle Club and Team aims to develop the marksmanship of shooters while teaching the importance of safely handling firearms. No experience is necessary to join the club, the majority of our members have never fired a rifle until they arrived at the college.

For those who wish to compete, the rifle team is an excellent way to compete at an NCAA level. Those who make the Rifle Team, which is registered with the MAC, will be able to participate in competitions with other schools, both NCAA and club teams and NRA sponsored events.

Address 2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14224
United States